Thursday, June 12, 2014

Work News Blues

Alright I'm not gonna sugar coat anything or type a lengthy opening paragraph.  I'll just cut to the chase.

I'm losing my job.

Starting July 1st I will no longer be working in my current position and since I have not found a new job yet I will be unemployed.  So I'm not fired, I didn't make huge mistake or do anything wrong.  It is the end of my job's fiscal year on June 30th and going forward into next year there are drastic budget cuts. To save money my entire position is being cut, it will no longer exsist.

I can say I am still upset at finding out I'm losing my job.  I mean it's gonna suck not getting that paycheck every two weeks.  For me though, I really won't miss this position, more specifically my boss.  We seem to have a conflict of personality.

So I am looking forward with hopes of finding a new job that is a better fit for me.  I have had a few interviews but nothing has led to a job offer yet.  I'll keep looking, polishing my resume and writing cover letters.

I want to give a special shout out to Angela from Time with A & N for checking in on me.  She is going through some job changes too although hers are much more positive.  Angela I wish you the best for the next school year when you begin your new teaching positions!

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Monday, April 21, 2014

Crazy Mom Monday Guest Post

The ladies from Just A Touch of Crazy asked me if I could write a guest post for the series they started called Crazy Mom Mondays.  It felt nice to me to be recognized, even if it was for my craziness!  What's so crazy about me?  Well there's being a mom, wife, employee, and student.  To find out my craziest point click on over to read my post, Work, School, and Being Mom.

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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Case of the Missing Sippy

It started off as a regular Sunday morning. The lil lady awoke in a good mood and greeted me with a "hi". As we got down stairs she asked for her "mil" a.k.a. her milk. There was a slight creak to the door as I opened up the cupboard. I pulled out the pink cup with the green rimmed top. As I was pulling the gallon of milk out of the fridge I noticed it was cold, but not too cold.

The lil lady didn't seem to mind, she eagerly drank her milk. When she was done she carefully placed it on the low table and went about her day as if everything was normal.

The pink/green sippy cup didn't make another appearance til lunch time. Filled with fresh milk it sat peacefully on lil lady's tray.  After devouring several fist fills of green beans and rice the lil not-so-lady-like lady grabbed for the sippy cup.  She proceeded to get quite upset, yelling "uh-oh" and a few "no, no, no"s. In her frenzy she flung the sippy cup to the ground. Did the cup make lil lady angry? Did it not come out fast enough, or too fast? Did it bump her nose or suction itself to her lip? The world may never know. Lil lady was also quite mad at her chicken nuggets and quickly sacrificed them to the hungry hound hiding below her seat.

After all that ruckus lil lady needed to calm down and take a nap. I delivered her safely to her place of slumber. Once I returned to the main floor I picked up the rejected pink/green cup. After cleaning off sticky stuck on rice and rinsing it out the sippy was sent into the dark chilly fridge to wait out nap time.


Once lil lady came down from her nap she was offered her milk filled cup again. The cup was cold, perhaps too cold for her delicate little hands. Or perhaps she was still upset about the unspoken happenings from lunch. She tossed it aside after a sip. There the cup lay, alone on the floor waiting for lil lady to return for it.

I told lil lady to pick up her cup and put it on the table, she did not listen. Instead she pulled every single book off her bookshelf, one by one. Then she sat in the midst of a pile of books. She reached of that piece of pink plastic peeking through the books. She sipped on her milk as she sifted through her collection of books.

Before long my attention turned else where since I needed to make some dinner. From my triangular path from fridge to sink to stove I have a clear line of sight into the room that contains lil lady. At this point she has tipped over her toy box and the beginnings of the toy tornado were forming.

Dinner was prepared and served. Lil lady asked for her milk. I quickly glanced over the living room for that cylindrical pink plastic with a hint of green but it was not readily visible. In my own eagerness to consume delicious food I just grabbed a new cup for lil lady.

Once lil lady had laid her sweet little head down to sleep I returned to the kitchen to clean. I began loading the dishwasher. To my dismay I did not have that sippy cup! I began searching for it, my partner noticed my frustration and joined in.  I could not spend hours looking for the mysteriously missing cup. I went back to the dishwasher while my partner continued the hunt. 

The washer was loaded but still no sign of the pink sippy cup with a green rim. I had homework to do. One cup was not that important to me. I wanted the rest of the dishes cleaned, the cup could be hand washed or put in the washer tomorrow.


Will the cup be found?
Will lil lady make another sippy disappear?
Will the house begin to smell of soiled milk!?

Stayed tuned for our dramatic conclusion!

Friday, February 7, 2014

5 Free Date Ideas for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a week away!  While many people with be buying stuffed animals, chocolates, and flowers I prefer to spend some quality time with my love.   For us Valentine's Day is a reason to really set aside time for us to be together as husband and wife.  With two daughters, work schedules, class schedules, and the regular household chores we find it hard to make time for us to just be alone.  Add on top of that, I am very frugal  cheap.  Alright I don't like spending a lot of money!  The thought of dinner and a movie out adds up to near $60 or more for us.  I feel better using that money for other things, like groceries, gas, savings, etc.

And with these date ideas I have here we can spend loving, quality time together and save money.

Free dates for Valentine's Day Ideas

A Hike & Hot Cocoa

It's cold here, hello February in Ohio!  So throw on some extra layers and bundle up.  Fill a thermos or a couple of travel mugs with some hot hot chocolate.  Then find a park to explore.  Take a walk along a path, enjoy some fresh air and beautiful natural sites.  When you find a spot to relax and enjoy a view stop and enjoy the hot chocolate.  Trees and meadows covered in snow can be very peaceful.  Once you are done with your hike warm each other back up with some cuddling.

Find a Free Show

Look for annoucements from local colleges or schools, many of them will have free or very low cost concerts, plays, and art galleries.  You can also check out muesems and theaters near you to see if they have any free exhibits or performances.

Game Night

Who said you had to leave home for a date night?  Stay inside and play a few card games or board games together!  Rummy, hearts, kings in a corner, poker, they only require a set of standard playing cards and two people who want to play.  This can lead to lots of fun, a little friendly competition, and many laughs.

Create a Dessert Together

Cake, brownies, cookies, ice cream sundaes, all so sweet and yummy.  Have fun and have your loved one help you.  It may get a little more messy but that's part of the fun! If you don't have much in your cupboards look at trying to make snickerdoodles, butter, flour, eggs, sugar, and cinnamon are about all you need and you may already have all these ingredients.  Once your dessert is complete you can enjoy tasting it and feeding it to each other.

Pamper Each Other

Does your love really enjoy a back massage?  Do you like to relax with a good foot massage?  Find out what your loved one likes to have done to feel good and relax.  It can be a massage, nail painting, hair styling, hot bath, back scratch, whatever makes you feel pampered.  Take turns giving each other a pampering session, or spend some time together relaxing to slow music and low lights.

What ever you decide to do for Valentine's Day I hope you get to spend some quality time with your love.  Even if it only happens after the kids are in bed!  I feel quality time with your love is imporant in any relationship.

Do you have any free date ideas? Please share them in the comments!

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